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Pizzas and puddings - foodies unite our young people at The Hub

🍳 Our young people love cooking at The Hub! 🍽

Providing ingredients and encouraging people to prepare meals at our free evening sessions is very important – and a wonderful distraction. It enables small-group participation, boosts confidence, and allows our volunteers to listen to our young people in a quieter setting if they feel the need to talk. For some, it may be also the only meal they eat that day, and so becomes even more important.

They are learning life skills along the way too - the differences between savoury and sweet; from making their own pizzas to large bowls of chilli; baking cakes and even having a go at making crème brûlée. Every session is different, and sometimes we include a little friendly competition such as our pizza making pictures show from last week!


The Hub is entirely self-funded and relies on the generosity of its volunteers and donors that enable us to continue feeding up to 80 young people each week. If you want to find out how you can help, please get in touch!

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