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All grown up & somewhere to go! Year 6 intro sessions at The Hub

The Hub is normally just open for young people in school years 7 - 13, but this summer we decided to invite Year 6 children from local primary schools for a series of introductory sessions, to see what we're all about. Claygate Primary School, Rowan School and Cranmere School children all took advantage of the offer to escape from the classroom and enjoy activities and a bit of 'chill out' fun.

Our volunteers led baking sessions in the kitchen, whilst others competed with the Year 6s in pool or battled with giant Jenga games. Arts and crafts in a cool marquee kept plenty happy and those with a bit more energy enjoyed basketball inside or a game of football in our playground. "It was fun and definitely made me want to go. All the activities were really good too." - Emily, CPS.

"I really loved it; they have basketball, computer consoles, I can't wait to be in Year 7 so I can attend." - Luca, CPS "B. came home telling me all about his morning at The Hub. It's amazing because he doesn't tell me anything about his school day but he couldn't stop talking about this. When can he start?" - Liz, parent CPS.

We look forward to welcoming our new 11 and 12 year olds this summer at The Hub!

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